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Help me Dubai is a free portal for job search, visa advice for Dubai, buying and selling or leasing property in Dubai, what is hot in for business opportunities in Dubai. We also guide you on where to eat, drink, enjoy nightlife, visit attractions and beaches as well as where to stay short term or longer term.

Dubai is Muslim state and all laws must be followed with respect to local traditions. If you follow our guidelines then you will have a great time in Dubai. Come to Dubai with ambition and you will stay to make a life for you and your family. You will be rewarded for hard work and honesty.

If you are looking for a job in Dubai then contact us at Help Me Dubai Jobs. If you are looking for a domestic help job or work one of the several Dubai shopping malls then we have employers who will give you the opportunity to attend an interview. We will make arrangements and advice you on how to land your dream job in Dubai.

If you need help in Dubai with rules and regulation of various free zones then get in touch. We will walk you through all the procedures and make it simpler. You will appreciate our open and honest service.


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