Bad Real Estate Agents Practices and Resulting Frustrations

These days you read about Dubai real estate that it is a buyers market or that there is plenty of stock to choose from or that renters are going upmarket for better value for money. All of this may be true but the so called real estate agents are not helping Dubai’s image of a choice destination.

Of course, there are lots of ads publicising availability and choice. However, you find that when you get in touch with the agents, you get the bad news that either it is no longer available or that a viewing is difficult to arrange. Why is that?

Unfortunately, it is the owner that is at the heart of the problem. In order to get the maximum exposure, the owner will choose far more agents to market the property instead of a select 2 or 3. Sometimes, you will see the same property being listed in 10s of property related websites where listing costs nothing.

So, when that particuar property is off the market after being let, the other agents are unaware but contniue to advertise availability. This is the real problem. As a prospective client, you end up chasing a dead end.

So, when an agents tells you to visit the property without their presence, you know that the agent does not know the current true status of that property. I fthere isa lesson here, it is that to avoid agents who tell to carry out a viewing without their presence.