Bogus Companies Offering Jobs Money Laundering Scam in Dubai

A recent growing concern in Dubai is alarming the police. Bogus companies are targetting vulnerable individuals, enticing them with jobs in Dubai. The jobhunters instead end up getting caught in a web deceit. Police are warning jobhunters to be aware of job offers and promises from such companies.

There is a growing number of unregistered and fake companies that trap unsuspecting and innocent jobhunters through advertising nonexistent vacancies.

If you are looking for a job in Dubai and if you are asked to open a bank account or give out your bank details before you have had an interview and have been given a written job offer then this is a red flag. The crooks will try many angles to convince you. For instance the account is required for money transfers that are part of your job. Stay away from these jobs as you will end up giving your money to them and will never see it again.

Regardless of Dubai being a muslim country and everone is honourable and their word is considered the truth. Do not believe it, because, the gangs are international operators from all corners of the world.

If you perspective employer does not offer a labour contract, without which you can not work in Dubai, then you should be concerned about it being an illegal operation. Also, the company has to have a bank account in ots own name and make payments and can not use employee account for its benefit.

So, if you have been duped or suspect an illegal employment opportunity in Dubai then let the local police know.