If you are a corporate and want a foothold in the Middle East, especially Dubai, then you have to have all your legal documentation and trading entity in place before you can operate. For individual entrepreneurs the costs of setting even a virtual office runs into tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, there are recurring costs and rules such as local partnership with Emirati National that need to be obeyed. All in all it is somewhat frustrating and prohibitive in most cases to get going in Dubai unless you get the go ahead from the highest office.

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Whether you need buy Al Fakhar Shisha flavors to be shipped to your home address for personal use or want us to manage your goods forwarding operation then we have the resources. If you need to have a POA arrangement for your property then let Help Me Dubai take this responsibility or just have it prepared for you.

Send your proposal to Enquiry at Help Me Dubai and we will help you to operate legally and at a fraction of the costs.