Discover Satwa in Dubai UAE

When you come to Dubai for a few days on a holiday, chances are you will not get to see Satwa in Dubai. If you live in Old Dubai, around the Creek area of Dubai then you will come as far as Bur Dubai and head back as the rest of Dubai starts appearing to be tall towers and a bit modern. And, if you live Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lake Towers or Emirates Hills for that matter, you would not want to discover Satwa.
I describe Satwa has a happy mid town Dubai area where there are restaurants, shops, artisans, and mix of all nationalities living side by side.

Where abouts is Satwa in Dubai?

Satwa is an area located on the sea side or Jumeirah side of Sheikh Zahed Road, opposite Emirates Financial Towers and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Satwa is sandwiched between Jumeirah beach and Sheikh Zahed Road.

What to look for in Satwa

Do you want to eat a great curry? Head to Ravi restaurant. There are many Ravi restaurants in Satwa but the one you need to go to eat in is at the top end of Satwa, by the roundabout and has seating area outside. And it is busier then the rest. I suggest you sit outside, although inside, a little cramped, it is OK. Try Chicken Karahi Pashwari with hot fresh tandoori roti. for around 20AED. The Pashwari dishes are specialities but if you want off the menu dishes, you will find dishes starting at around 6AED. Two of you can have a great meal for under 50AED.
Just around the corner from 2nd Decemeber Street is BBQ Tonight. Here, you eat as much as you like for 39AED Monday to Friday lunchtime and 49AED during evenings and weekends. You will be blown away by the quality of food and the choice of buffet service.
There is also Karachi Derbar that you can see from Satwa Road. Prices here are compareable to Ravi but it is a bigger and cleaner restaurant. Try the keema with tandoori roti and you must try their mutton biryani. It is fantastic.
If you love Nandos chicken then why not take a whole freshly cooked roast chicken from Eat and Drink restaurant next to Karachi Derbar for less than 25AED. Trust me it is much better than Nandos.
If you need a haircut then you have a choice of at lease 2 dozen salons and pay 15AED and you will not be disappointed with the quality of haircut. I recommend the clean one a few doors from Eat and Drink Restaurant. The boys in there do a great job.
Satwa is also popular for fixing minor dents, AC problems and other repair work needed for your car. Drive into the car park on either side of the Satwa main mosque. You can’t miss it as it is the biggest in that area. A group of mechanics will approach you. Don’t worry! Agree a price and get the job done.
There is good dry cleaner and washing ironing service in one of the side streets near the mosque. 12 shirts ironed for less than 20AED. Suite dry cleaned for under 20AED. No collection service but can you see how much you can save by dropping your clothes one day and pick them the next or the day after.
If you want tailored shirts then try Shahin tailors located in an allyway next to the mosque. 25AED a shirt made to measure and how you want it. Just give Mr Ijaz your sample shirt to be copied with any changes to be made and he will do it for you. If you need to buy good quality material for shirt or suite then take him with you to bargain for you. Or just go to a few cloth stores along satwa main road and compare prices. You will be able to get a shirt material for 25AED. So, that is 50AED for a tailored shirt. Not bad!
If you need passport photos, shoes, slippers, vegetarian food, general shopping at less then other popular supermarkets like Carrefour or Choitrams then buy your stuff in Satwa. If you need a second hand mobile phone or repair to your laptop then there are plenty of places to shop around in Satwa. Haggle, haggle, haggle!
Satwa is neither pretentious like the posh end of Dubai or run down like Deira but you will be pleasantly surprised and will enjoy your stay in Dubai saving money every time you visit Satwa.