Document Attestation Procedure in UK for Dubai UAE

Dubai goverment offices are very strict about validating your application by verification of required proof. Before you can submit valid proof, it needs to be attested. The following is the correct procedure for getting your documents attested in UK before they could be accepted in UAE.
If you need to have power of attorney (POA), a further education or professional qualification certificate, marriage, birth certificates, or name change deed poll then here are the steps that will save you time and money.

1. Take the copies of the document or original if required to your nearest solicitors. They are qualified notary public and as such authenticate your document. This is the first step and you must do this. The cost is probably no more than £5 for first doument and maybe £2 for each subsequent document.
2. Now you need to go online to and follow the instructions to print the application form for submitting you request for attestation by UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This service is a combination of online and postal only. There is no office to go to.
3. Read the form carefully and complete it offline.
4. I would recommend making the payment online because you are given a reference at the end of the payment process which you will need to record onto the application form. Note that each document attested costs £30.
5. I would also recommend that you pay the extra £6 for the return of your documents via recorded delivery. So for 3 documents, you need to pay £96.
6. Post the application form and the documents to be attested and wait a few day before they are returned to you, duely attested.
7. Now you need to take these documents to UAE Embassy in London. Their website is absolute crap and is usually down. But here is their location address in London.
UAE Embassy
48 Prince’s Gate
London, SW7 2QA
Opening hours are 9:30am to 1pm Monday to Friday. On my last visit, I was told to return after 2pm to collect the attested documents. They will charge £20 per document.

Try to get all the documents that you require to be attested done in one go.