Best Casual Adventures in Dubai

We are God’s creatures made to have sex with our partners so that life goes on. However, not all of us want babies. A quick hand job, blow job or masturbation by male and female alike is enough to satisfy our short term desires.
However, some of us want the real experience with a partner. You might be big man who wants to have a pretty young man to have your way with. He want to have has his ass penetrated to satisfy you both. Or, you might be a female whose man is useless and can not get it up for you as often as you want it. So, you want it from a man who can give it to you when you want it. Why not?
Or, you are one of many travellers to Dubai who is away on business and needs some company and you are willing to pay for the encounter. If you are not sure then check out Dubai’s LGBT scene.

Where to Go for Sex in Dubai?

Anyone can get it in Dubai. The rates vary according to where you want it. If you are in Marina or in one of the Downtown hotels then expect to pay around 1000AED for an hour. But, if you can venture to the older part of Dubai like Union Square Metro Station then things get more interesting. You can walk into any of the nearby hotels with dancing girls show behind the scenes. Pick the girl you want and agree a price, You should get a good one for around 500AED. Anything goes so long as you are discrete, particularly if you are gay in Dubai. Let the handler know what you want. You will get to know him or her soon enough. If you can pay then it is no problem. Let your casual encounter begin Dubai. Remember it is only casual but the beauty is you can do it as you can afford it. Good Luck!