Dubai Classifieds for Jobs Visa Apartments Cars Entertainment

Do you need help with Jobs, Visa, Accommodation or Entertainment offers in Dubai? Dubai has a number of free classifieds that advertise job opportunities, apartments and villas for letting short term or on an annual contract basis, cars from 4×4 to small runaround vehicles, and what to do for entertainment in your leisure time.

Here are a few of the popular publications that are must read for anyone seriously considering coming to UAE to make it. Please be aware of bogus advertisers in Dubai.

Firstly, check out Gulf News ( This is a daily publication in paper and online. It is probably the most popular publication for the middle class. The online version has sections on News, Business, Sport, Life,…etc. But to the right side of the banner, you will notice links to Classifieds, Jobs, Wheels, and Property. Browsing through this site is free. Should you want to read the Newspaper’s ePaper version then there is a free 7 day trial.

Another popular website is dubizzle. This has grown into a phenomena in Dubai and especially popular with real estate agents, buy and sell merchants. One man bands wanting to make a quick sale for cash for unwanted items. Expats leaving or arriving in UAE should check this website. If you are not based in UAE then registering for membership is not possible as you will require a local mobile number to have your account verified.

Others to consider are Emirates 24/7 and Arabia Business. Both online publications compete with Gulf News.

So there are plenty of choices for you to browse through to find out what is hot in Dubai. Should you require further help then send your enquiry and we will endeavour to help you.