TAKtical Realty Group

There are good and bad real estate agents in Dubai. Let us tell you a little about TAKtical Realty Group (“TRG”) of Dubai.

A Dubai expat landlord had been seriously lied to by TRG who put in a tenant from hell. The agent agreed AED145k rent then told the landlord, after the agreement was signed on a blank contract, that it was all in 145k including their commision and security deposit. So this landlord got AED130k deposited in their bank account.

The tenant proved just as shady when asking for a month’s rent refund because apparently he could not access the Internet and he checked into a hotel to access Internet for his job. That was not all. The tenant breached so many of the tenancy agreements and yet TRG said it was for the landlord to negotiate with the tenant and they were not getting involved.

The landlord managed to get rid of the tenant at the end of the tenancy but not without more grief. So, stay clear of TAKtical Realty Group. You have been warned.