Dubai Real Estate Property Investment Opportunities

Dubai has turned the corner and is gathering pace in presenting the next phase of a boom in real estate and ancilliary business opportunities. We are aware of a number of projects that are off-plan and need seed money. Joing at the ground level gives the best returns.

Dubai regulations are very strict about rules governing off-plan projects. For a start, money must be held in an Escrow account operated by RERA. The developer can not take that money for anything other than the project itself. The money is only release when certain milestones are reached. Gone are the days of leveraging 10% deposits into multiple projects, some of which never existed but only in concept.

If you have a minimum of AED10,000,000 to invest and would like to learn more about projects that will give you a potential growth rate of at least 100% over 5 years then send your enquiry to helpmedubai.

Take advantage of our expertise in managed investments that protect your capital and provide a sustained growth.