Dubai Real Estate Service Charges

What do you pay the service charge for for a real estate property in Dubai and why are some owners unwilling to pay service charges for their property in Dubai?

Here are 7 reason for service charges

  • Common area services and maintenance
  • Specialised services such as fire systems, lifts, swimming pool, building maintenance unit
  • Management cost (Interim OA manager and/or developer)
  • Building Insurance cost
  • Contingency costs for spare parts, materials, improvements etc
  • Utility bills such as Dewa and Palm District Cooling (capacity and consumption)
  • Master community service charge

Here are 5 common reasons why owners fail to meet their obligation

  • Financial constraints on the part of owners
  • Owners are living abroad
  • Lack of understanding of what the service charge is for
  • Lack of awareness that the charges are an annual affair
  • Lack of understanding by owners that issues concerning individual units have no connection with common area and service maintenance