Dubai Visa Guide
Do I need a visa for Dubai (United Arab Emirates)?
Visa application requirements for travel to Dubai vary depending on your status. Generally, non-nationals, coming to work or tourist, do require a visa to enter Dubai.

Visit visas
A GCC citizen is visa exempt for visit to Dubai or UAE. Also GCC based expats in management or professional positions can obtain a visa on arrival at Dubai Airport by immigration control.
Currently there are 33 countries whose citizens do not need a visa to travel to Dubai. They will be issued with a visa on arrival at Dubai Airport. Other nationals require a visa sponsorship by a UAE resident. Hotels and tour operators including airlines can assist with visit visas. The cost for a visa for Dubai can vary from zero to several hundred US Dollars.

Employment visas
To work in Dubai, you need to come here on an employment visa. You will also need to get a health card and residency permit and labour card. Without any one of these requirements, you will be breaking the law and will face stiff fines and deportation. If you work for the government sector, the government department will take the necessary procedures on your behalf.

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