Dubai Visa Run Alternative Help

A ‘visa run‘ in Dubai is one way to get a visa extension for tourist visitors who want to stay longer than originally allowed to. The visa run is legal and involves about 4 hours round trip to the nearest border where you exit and then re-enter Dubai with a stamp.

Visa run is time consuming and can cost around £50 to £60. However, there are alternatives. For instance, if you don’t want to leave Dubai then you can visit Dubai’s NR Department (DNRD) and get yourself a 30 day extension for just over £100. It does not require a long drive to Hatta where the border is.

There is another lesser know option and you may be able to get a ‘longer visa‘ for Dubai stamp for some extra fee. Take your passport and plenty of cash to the immigration dept next to Jaffilia Metro Station, close to the Trade Centre roundabout, near Bur Dubai police station. It is amazing what is possible with enough cash here. You have to visit that office as you can not do this online.

One bit of advise is to go there early, even before 8am to avoid queues. Typing office needs to complete your application, followed by the office issuing you with the visa stamp. If you time it, you can be in and out in 20 minutes. Ladies might get seen to faster as there tends to be no queue in their section.

So, go to bur Dubai office early, take cash with you, as they do not accept any other method of payment, and you will have your visa for a little extra, much quicker than a long drive to Hatta and back.