Dubai Visa run to Hatta Oman Driver with Car

I needed to do a visa run to Hatta Oman and did it with a very nice Dubai based British Expat. It was 4 of us and we paid him less than £50 each. We met outside Dubai Mall Metro station and travelled in his car to Hatta and back. You just need your passport, some money and bottle of water.

It was a very very nice journey by car to Hatta and we were back in Dubai in around 3 hours. Being British born, he explained everything nicely and it helped because he had done the trip himself on several ocassions and made the journey relaxing.

We met outside the Dubai Mall Metro station at 9am and got back from Hatta by 1pm. If we had gone earlier, we were told, it would have been a little quicker. Send your enquiry and I will be sure to pass it on.

If you need to do a visa run then send a booking enquiry to Hatta Visa run