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Closet gays and homosexuals in Dubai are on the rise. Thanks to Dubai’s rule, males can roomshare and beds too. But, life for male female sharing is hard and cohabiting is not allowed unless you are a married couple. Phillipinos, Pakistans, Indians, Europeans, Americans, Iranians and Arabs are all enjoying gay relationships. This arrangement is also great for ladies who like other ladies.
Dubai in comparison with other UAE states and GCC nations is a far more tolerant state. Gay relationships exist in all countries including this region. However, as an outsider you have to ensure that you do not draw attention to yourself to cause offense to anyone who is firstly not gay and secondly sees gay relationships as anti-Islamic.

Dubai Gay Scene

Gay couples in Dubai are not encouraged but scratch the surface and you will discover Dubai has a lively gay scene. There are bars and social networked gatherings for gays to hang out. Be aware and avoid discussing your sexual preferences in places or with people unfamiliar as you never know who is listening. Dubai has a strong network of secret police.
So, the bottom line is don’t give up hope. You can always let us know and we can point you in the right direction with discretion.

Tips for Gays

There are obvious tips that you should follow. Avoid displays of affection that is overtly sexual in any public place but confine it to your private home or a safe place recommended by other gay friends. Having said that you might see Arab males greeting each other with plenty of kissing but this is a part of their culture and not necessarly an act of two gay men kissing. Underneath the surface, they maybe guy arabs but do not assume.
You may also see men or teenagers from India or Pakistan walking with their pinky interlocked or with an arm over the others shoulder or all 5 fingers interlocked with the other and walking merrily. They might be gay and to some people they look gay but believe it or not this is also OK in Dubai. These males are seen as best buddies.

Our advise is to not come to Dubai with a gay crusade agenda in mind. Enjoy your private intimacy with whoever you prefer and do not offend the general public. Dubai does not tolerate kissing in public let alone kissing or affection between two gays in a public place.

Do you have an interesting gay lesbian adventure in Dubai or across UAE that you want to share with your community. Rest assured, we will never disclose your details but only allow other likeminded friends to learn from you. Please keep it clean as explicit details will not be printed and we will obviously edit anything offensive.

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Popular places for Gays in Dubai

If you are alone and looking to make new friends then try the following places;
Grand Hyatt Hotel in Deira Dubai, Jules Bar in Le Meridien airport Hotel, Sheraton Hotel on creek Road are lively places with expats and locals wanting to hook up. Hotels are popular with business travellers and airline crews. Deira Public Park and Nasir Square are cruisy. The raised fountain area is very open, so people just stroll around looking at who’s sitting on the benches. Also the car park can be interesting, as shy guys drive slowly by to see who’s there.



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