Good Dentists in Dubai

Do you need root canal treatment in emergency? We can recommend a great dentis in Dubai Mall. It will cost you around 2000 Dhirams over a 2 or 3 visits and you will be thrilled to experience the skill and latest dentists tools and equipment used to take care of your teeth. Lookswoow is a one of the best outlets for on the spot dental care.

Dubai does not have public healthcare for genral public other than for its nationals but whether you are a visitor or an expat in Dubai, you can get treatment without much waiting. The bottom line is price.

If you budget is stretched then we recommend Dr Patel in Deira. His surgery is not the best but he is a qualified dentist and you can have root canal done for under 1000AED.

There are several dental clinics in Jumeirah area of Dubai. There charges sit somewhere between those of Dr Patel in Deira and Lookswoow in Dubai Mall.