Good Driving School in Dubai

Dubai is a small city and therefore there are not that many schools for learning to drive. Only a handful of driving schools are allowed to operate. For example, Emirates driving institute, Belhasa driving center, Dubai Driving Center, and Al Ahli. None of these could be classed as cheap and the service from each varies considerably.

From experience, Emirates comes top in rating and customer service but it is probably the most expensive of all by several hundered Dhirams. Al Ahli seems to be unreliable and you may be disappointed on ocassions when the instructor fails to make it for a pre-booked lesson. Not good at all! Essentially, you got to be lucky to have with a good instructor.

If you are planning to go home for a few weeks, it may be better to do an intensive driving course and take the test back home. Whilst it may seem practical to do the learning Dubai, the cost and unreliability of service definitely outweighs the benefits.

If you do get your driving licence in DUbai, then you need to be aware that A UAE license is not recognised in UK. Driving in UAE is not the same as in UK and you may need a few lessons in DUbai to familiarise yourself with the rudiments.

If you know of a good driving school then give your feedback.



1 ASFAN { 10.01.15 at 6:45 am }

Can you please Suggest me the best driving school which i have to Open file

2 maa2fia { 02.24.16 at 9:05 am }

Al Ahli is the worst driving school with rude peoples inside. Their fees is cheap comparing to the competitors. They say

below 4000dhs. But they will fail you in many tests and you need to pay like 1000 dhs again. Finally you will end up paying

high amount for the poor service comparing to the others . Their online support and customer service will be very good.

Many Rude and lazy people will be inside the office and they will treat you like dogs. You will come to know after the

classes begin.

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