Help Dubai Property Visa: Investment Visa Dubai Real Estate

As of Mid September 2012, Dubai authorities have announced that real estate investors can obtain a 2 year renewable visa subject to property valuation and mortgage status of their property.

If you have a property valued over Dh1 million and it is mortgage free then to begin your visa application you need to visit the Dubai Land Department in Deira. You will need to take the title deed as well as your passport and a passport size photograph. You will also need to pay application fee of a few hundred dirhams.

If your application is in order then you will be issued with approval certificate. You need to take this certificate to the Department of Economic Development, also in Diera. Here you will need to pay 2000AED and will be issued with a trade license. This license is valid for 1 year only.

You are almost there. The final step is to visit the Land Department in Diera with your trade license and at any of the Immigration counters you will be issued with a two-year investor visa.

Location of Dubai Land Department in Deira, Dubai

Department of Economic Developement location in Deira, Dubai