Help Me Find a Job in Dubai

UK and Europe stagnate but finding a job in Dubai and other UAE states as well as GCC countries like Qatar has been getting easier. There is a major investment in infrastructure projects that will climax the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In a recent Gulf Talent study, the employment market in the Gulf is expected to continue growing at pace, aided by global economic recovery, rising oil prices and continued government spending on infrastructure projects. 61% of companies surveyed expected to increase headcount in 2011, compared to only 9% who planned staff cuts.

So how should you go about finding a job in Dubai?

The first thing to distinguish about Dubai and UAE as whole is that employers are biased towards Arabic speaking meaning people from the region at all levels. However, specialist skilled individuals with experience from Europe and US and Canada are sought after.

If you are from the Asian subcontinent and the far east are looking for a non specialist job such as a sales job that pays you enough to run your expensis as well save enough to send back home then you are definitely in demand. Although it is illegal to work in Dubai, most employers will take a chance and employ for such roles at basic salary of 1500 to 2500 AED per month. Just take a look at newspapers such as Gulf News and UAE based websites such as,, or There are lots of opportunities.

If your expectations are in the range 3,000AED to 5,000AED per month then you will need to do a little leg work. The first thing to do is to prepare a one page CV that has your strengths and experiences listed without trying to state them in to much flowery details. Companies hold open/interview days and advertise in above mentioned publications inviting candidates to turn up. There is no need to send your CV or call before hand. Just turn up and sit through an job interview.

If your expectations are above 5,000AED then the employer will be expecting to know more about you. The process of hiring you is also lengthy. You may attend more than one interview. Specialist jobs paying over 10,000AED per month with facilities such as travel allowance, accommodation allowance, car allowance are advertised on job websites and above publications. You may also need to go target specific companies and check their website for opportunities.

If you do find a job in Dubai then you will need a sponsor visa to do work. This is normally 2 years and is provided by your employer.