Help Me Dubai with Holiday Lettings in Dubai

Have you invested in Dubai but are now sitting on negative equity? Unless you are desperate to sell at a loss, have you considered the rental market? Perhaps, you don’t have a reliable and trustworthy contact in Dubai. Try me! “Why,” you ask.

I have a small portfolio of properties in Dubai/UAE belonging to friends and acquaintances from UK and Europe. Some are long term lets. Others are on managed letting basis to holiday makers from around the world.

Here is my answer, 7.5%. That is my fee for renting your property on an annual basis. Others may charge you more for a promise of a better service or less for a promise of a greater rent. I operate an honest and straightforward manageable small business because life is about friendships not how to shaft the next person.

Short term letting requires much more work from me and my helpers to make sure everyone who rents a property has memorable experience of Dubai with best quality service. Therefore our charges are higher but the rewards for you are obviously greater. Basically, you can make much more on short term lettings in Dubai.

So, if you need help with your property or anything for that matter in Dubai then send your enquiry to help me dubai.