Maintaining a Salary in Dubai

If you have a good job, of which there are many to be found in Dubai, then it’s likely that you also have a salary to keep up. Salaries in Dubai come in a variety of amounts depending on the job type and how much work is put into the job. Like having a job in any other country, you get as much as you give. If you work as hard as possible, you get rewarded with a bigger salary. When you slack off, this can lead to either the standard, or possibly less, amount of money in your pockets. In Dubai, work is taken very seriously.

Gotta Have Money

It’s hard to get good Salaries in Dubai these days. Not because there’s not enough money to earn, but because there are so many people looking for jobs that many are neck and neck over the top corporate titles. Even the starts up jobs are seeing increasing numbers over the years due to the popularity of Dubai as a Mecca for the corporate world. Competition in the workforce is healthy, and Dubai is all about healthy and productive competition. But with all these people looking for jobs, trying to find a good salary to live on can be tough.

Keep a Budget

In order to have proper Salaries in Dubai, you should definitely look into trying to come up with ways to make sure that you don’t spend it all at once. Save your money and you will be better off. With Salaries in Dubai, a city well known for having the life of luxury within many of its fine buildings and residences, having a high enough salary can make the difference between living in Dubai and moving away from Dubai to head back home.

What to Do

Learn money management. When you manage your money, you can save entire sections of your salary. Of course the government will take away a small portion of your salary for tax purposes, and you will need to buy important things in order to survive

Using Your Salary

Once you receive your salary, you will be tempted to buy many things with it. However, it is important that you spend the money on what matters most. This could be something as simple as paying:

  • Bills
  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Clothing

And whatever else you believe you and your family needs. Over time you are going to spend nearly all of your salary on the essentials with a little left to save on whatever you’d like to get.


Always be smart with your salary. It can be easy to blow it all at once, but you don’t want to do that. Instead you want to invest wisely and make the right purchases so that you can be sure you will have more money kept for future purchases. This is a good habit to have not just in Dubai, but anywhere in the world.