Never use Roshan Ayaz Technical Services LLC

This company claims to provide services such as office fit out, paint, and other bullshit stuff. They are basically run by Sohail, a 25 year old ignorant Pakistani who will lie through his teeth to give you what you want to hear but when it comes to actually doing the work he will drag it an drag it.

Promised everything and yet

A very good friend of this portal from UK had his office fitted out by these clowns. He told me the story how a small office fitout that was agreed in March 2014 and was due to be completed with 45 days and handed over, instead took 8 months and it was still not completed.

The landlord was going spare with frustration from this clown called Sohail. Having made all payments on timeme somuch so that full payments were made in June when Sohail promised it would be done within 2 weeks. Yet, 5 months passed and he did nothing but make excuses.
Never trust such micky mouse operators. The take your money and apply it elsewhere at your expense. In a word Mohammad Sohail is untrustworthy.

If you need help with office fitout then we can recommend professional organisations with proven track record. Drop us an email.