Power of Attorney in Dubai

Dubai real estate law requires that if a third party is to act on behalf of legally registered owner or owners of a property then a valid power of attorney document must accompany any transaction forthat to be legally binding in Dubai.

Let us take an example of a wife and her brother in law who jointly own a property in Dubai and wish to give a power of attorney to the husband to be their representative.

The quickest and easiest option is for all three to be present in Dubai and visit the Dubai court to have the specific POA drawn up and attested. Alternative is for all three to have the same document drawn up in their own country by a Notary Public and for it to be legalised at the UAE Embassy in that country. The document will then have to be brought to Dubai and legalised at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is important to know that the power of attorney document must be in English as well as Arabic. Otherwise, it will not be accepted by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Power of attorney documents lasting longer than 12 months run the risk of being rejected.

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