Review of IKEA Dubai Home Delivery Catch

IKEA is one of the popular destinations for furnishing your property at a reasonable cost. There are however, a few pointer worth mentioning.
The most annoying thing about IKEA is that you have to pick all your items yourself. If you are physically challenged then although help may available, it can be a deal breaker.
IKEA advertises heavily about free delivery and assembly service. Firstly, home delivery is only available if your purchase price is at least AED2400 or $700. Secondly, home delivery is not immediate. It is likely to be at least 8 to 10 days from date of purchase. But at the checkout they will push to pay an affiliate company between AED400 to AED600 to have delivery sooner. This includes assembly.
A word of caution! If you have purchased an item and want to return it then you have to put it back in its package and take it back. There is no free collection service. The worst aspect of IKEA goods is if a part is missing or the instructions for assembly are unintelligent. You could up with an expensive item that is half assembled and you are stuck with it.
That said, so long as you factor in the delivery charges and all goes well with the assembly then you generally have an item that serves its purpose for at least 12 months. All in all IKEA is good for buying things that you want to discard in 12 months.