Steps for Attesting UK Documents for Dubai

If you are applying for a Dubai residency visa from UK then you will need to follow these steps. The costs are accurate as of August 2011.

1. Whatever document is needed as proof, it needs to be attested. For this you need to go to a local solictor. The receptionist at the solictors will call one of the available person to do this for you. You don;t normally need to make an appointment. The term used for this type of service provided by a solictor is called notary public. The charges for this are normally £5 but some may want £10 and others may do it for free. If you have several documents to notarise then do them in one go. You will save money.

2. The next step is to send the document(s) to The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for their attestation. The FCO office is in Milton Keynes and the address is; Legalisation Office, Norfolk House West, 437 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2AH, Tel: 03700002244

FCO charge £30 to attest each document and you make this payment online. You will need to print the application form and attach your proof of payment along with the document to be attested.

If you want to safe time, you can make the additional payment of £10 and FCO admin will forward your document to the next port of call, the UAE Embassy’s Legalisation Department in London. You will need to include a prepaid envelope. Or, wait for FCO to return your attested documents and then send them on.

3. The final port of call is the UAE embassy, Legalisation Department, 48 Prince’s Gate, London, SW7 2QA. they are open to receive documents by hand on weekdays from 09:30 to 12:30. You then hang around until 14:00 to collect your document. The charges here are £20 per document. If you are making a personal visit, then make sure you take drink and sandwiches with you and sit in Hyde Park or take a tour of the V&A museum around the corner.

If you taken the forwarding option from FCO to UAE Embassy then you can also take the return option from latter by paying £10 more and have it posted. A case of balancing the time and cost of travelling to London.

All in all, you need to allow about £80 per document. If you are not in a hurry then this may take 2 weeks. But if you are in a hurry then it is worth paying the extra to speed up the process. to have the document back with you the same week.