Help Me Dubai Advice Tenant Subletting without Permission

Due to prohibitive cost for the average Joe to rent in Dubai, one angle adopted by primary tenant is to sublet and thus reduce costs. This is of course illegal, unless the landlord has given permission for the tenant to carry out subletting.

About 3 months ago, an a friend leased his flat out and received the annual rent in two cheques. The first cheque cleared soon as the tenancy contract was signed. The second cheque bounced which is illegal in Dubai. On investigation, it transpired that the primary tenant had sublet the apartment and moved on to con someone else. The sub-tenant claimed refused to reimburse because he claimed the amount had already been paid.

So, what course of action was available? He was legally right to file a rental case against both the primary tenant and the sub-tenant. The claim involved immediate vacating of the apartment and payment of the rent owed. Dubai Rent Law prohibits the tenant to sub-lease without the written consent of the lessor.