Cost and Steps for Dubai Visa Run from Dubai to Hatta Oman

There are several ways to renew your tourist visa. The obvious variant is the cost. You can walk into the Dubai Immigration office in Deira. Pay the fee of AED700 and have your visa extended for another 30 days. However, this can only be done once. A lot of seasoned Expats do the Visa Run from Dubai to Hatta at a much reduced cost.

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The first thing to note is that you have about 10 days grace period. So, if your visa has expired or is about to expire then as long as you are within the grace period of 10 days, you are OK to go and do the run to Hatta. Even if you are beyong 10 days, you should still be fine but beware that each’s overstay will mean incurring an automatic fine.
You will know this when you try to leave the country.
OK so how do you get to Hatta and back with a 30 day visa extension?
If you have friends or people you know who are in similar situation and you access to a car then why not share the costs and be done within 3 hours. That is how long it will take for you to be back in Dubai.
Alternative transport is available. There people who advertise on Dubizzle or you can hop on a bus from Diera clock roundabout. The cost is about AED40
The visa charges are AED50. Well that’s what I paid back in March. In the past fees have been as high as AED200.
Let’s get going. So you are on your way to Hatta. Google the road from Dubai to Hatta, Oman. Once you are on it, it is a straight all the way. Along the route, you will stop at a checkpoint. Show your passport, collect a chit for your vehicle and proceed. The next stop is the border exit point. Here you stop and park your vehicle. Approach the counter window clearly marked for purpose of leaving Dubai, exit stamp. You show your chit. It is stamped along with your visa. Make sure this is done or you will have to come back and get it done.
Continue toward Hatta, Oman. Please drive carefully in Oman. There are lots of speed cameras and slower speed restriction apply. You will be stopped at the next security point. Show your exit stamp and vehicle chit stamp. All should be well and you will proceed to the Hatta border building a few kilometers drive. Park outside the building. You will know when you arrive there.
At the Hatta border office, you will be required to complete immigration arrival form. At this point it is worth mention that you should take a pen with you. It will save you time. Present your completed form and passport and the fee of AED50. Your passport will be stamped with entry to Oman. You are already in Oman.
After that, you are ready to return to Dubai. So, head back to the place where you parked your vehicle and got your exit from Dubai stamped on your passport. This time you will be going to the Dubai immigration office. Here you will be getting the most important stamp, entry to Dubai for another 30 days.
If all goes well, you are done. Now drive safely back to Dubai.

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Journey time by car is no more than 3 hours. I would recommend going on a Friday morning, around 8am and you will be back in Dubai by 11am.
Good Luck!